A  B  O  U  T     T  H  E     B  L  O  G

        This is the Diary of the Awkward blogger who really loves to explore new things and new places. The Awkward blogger believes that we are all awkward in our own little ways, and we shouldn't be ashamed of just being our awkward self everytime and everywhere. You would probably see much of her outfit posts, stuff she uses, places she discovers, food that she would probably crave for, and many more in this site. This blog is somehow a peek in the life of that girl in instagram, @mariatheresaso, or you can call her Therese. 

         Therese is a 22 year old girl who is currently taking up BS Speech-Language Pathology in the University of Santo Tomas, but is also the girl flying out in different countries to explore other culture through their food, lifestyle, and fashion. She is originally from Pampanga, but is now in Manila for her studies. Whenever possible, she always flies out to Seoul, South Korea to explore more of the Korean culture as she found her heart loving the country and its culture.