March 25, 2021

I have been into Kpop for quite some time now but I have not yet looked through Mamamoo's music and shows alot. But their fashion? I have been seeing them whenever I look for outfit inspirations and loved how bold and unique their fashion is compared to the other Kpop idols out there! So I decided to recreate some of the looks of Mamamoo members. I didn't want to buy anything to recreate the outfits of the group, so I went with things that are already in my closet. 

1. Hwasa

This look of Hwasa was from her promotions for her song Maria. I really was excited to recreate this because my first name is Maria. HAHAHA! So I really tried to get every detail of this outfit and I'm glad with the results! 

Top from Uniqlo, sweatpants from Shop Copper, Wig from Mikki Galang Hair, and Accessories are only from Shopee

2. Solar 

As I went through outfits of Solar, I got really insecure because Solar would usually wear sleeveless tops or spaghetti strap tops. I usually avoid tops that would show my shoulders because it is one of my greatest insecurity, so recreating an outfit from Solar was very challenging. But thankfully, I found a photo of her where she wore a cover up and the outfit was really basic for me to recreate. 
I even have a wig that would kind of match her hair in the photo! 
Wig from Mikki Galang Hair, Mask from P&R Health, Top from Uniqlo, and white coordinated from Shopee

3. Wheein
I honestly thought that the pieces I have at home matches this outfit, but it turns out that my clothes were very different from Wheein's. But I accessorized my look and it still turned out great! 

Blazer from Shop Copper, white top from Mango, Pants from Zara, Prada Multipochette from Euroluxexperience, Shoes from Fila Korea 

4. Moonbyul

This is my favorite outfit from all the outfits I recreated because I really want to casually wear suits but the Philippine weather doesn't want me to! HAHAHA! 
Wig from Shopee, and Suit from Deliver Daily 

To know more about the details on how I got to recreate these outfits, watch the video I posted about it in my Youtube Channel! 

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