Seoul Fashion Week Outfits S/S 2020

January 08, 2020

It was indeed another memorable week for me as I went to being an intern in the Philippines and flew to South Korea only for a weekend of best shows in Seoul Fashion Week. I never really expected that I would still make it to Seoul Fashion Week this season as I was having my internship the whole day from Mondays to Fridays, and would usually spend my weekends working on files for internship also. But thank God, my schedule for the week of Seoul Fashion Week was not that hectic that I was able to spend 48 hours in South Korea to catch the best shows that usually happens in the weekend of the fashion week. 

It was crazy how I arrived in South Korea at around 5 am and I just had to get ready to go to Seoul in outfits that I have prepared even without proper sleep and proper Korean meal. I forgot how tired and hungry I am as soon as I walked the streets of DDP. The outfits from the past season were really different from this season, but one thing that's still the same is that the fashion in Korea is very unique. Fashion is indeed an expression of who you really are and I'm so glad I brought pieces from the Philippines that really defined me. 

It's so hard to find a designer in the Philippines that does street wear, but thankfully before I left the Philippines, I got through this fashion week post where I saw this blazer in. However, I didn't really expect that the designer would let me wear his piece because it was really short notice. But still thank you for making it happen Sir Yves Camingue

Photographed by Matt Gray | Makeup Artist: Jobi | Styled by me
Blazer from YCMNG Studio | Pants from Zara | Shoes from Primadonna | Bag from Shop Poppy | Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios | Accessories from Forever 21 Philippines

Barbie Girl 
Almost all the people who knew me when I was a child knows how much I wanted to be like Barbie, I would usually be seen wearing barbie boots or glass heels in a casual day during my childhood. And it's so funny how I did not really intent to dress like Barbie in this outfit but turned out as if it was my inspiration for this outfit. 

Remember the sequined outfit that I wore last season of Seoul Fashion Week that made it to Hypebeast? The same designer made this wonderful creation even in such short notice. I was really overwhelmed by the effort and how the designer really made it fit me perfectly eventhough we haven't had a single fitting for this outfit. Justine Villanueva is indeed a talented designer! 

Photographed by Matt Gray | Makeup Artist: Jobi | Styled by me
Outfit from JUSTY | Hair from Mikki Galang Hair | Accessories from Stradivarius | Shoes from Primadonna

Summer prints on fall
Fall colors are in the neutral side, but I still decided to go against the usual because this top came from a collection in the Philippines that made me feel the Seoul vibes. To know what I mean, maybe you should just check the Spring Summer 2020 collection of Patrick Lazol!

Photographed by Jhelo Cristibal | Makeup Artist: Jobi | Styled by Jemore Wilson
Top and blazer from Patrick Lazol | Hair from Mikki Galang Hair | Pants from Kelvin Morales | Bag from Charles & Keith Korea | Shoes from Bershka

The last time I was in SFW, I underestimated the weather in some of my outfits and ended up wearing my comfiest plain sweaters to shows. So I really made sure this season that I would bring an outfit that would cover me up and still be stylish. But this time around it was not cold, so I just ended up making my fur jacket an accessory for photos and it still turned out well with the outfit that my stylist prepared. Thank you so much Jemore Wilson, he really nailed layering in this outfit. 

Photographed by Jhelo Cristibal | Makeup Artist: Jobi | Styled by Jemore Wilson 
Outfit from J.Kate Designs | Lashes made by LuxPad Manila | Bag from Charles & Keith Korea Shoes from Primadonna

Straight from Office

Putting a splash of color to an office look!
Before going back to Korea, I really wanted to get this bag from Fun from Fun and this heels from Elnore. As I showed this to my stylist, Jemore Wilson, he just mixed my clothes with the clothes that he has. So thankful that the designer from Elnore made it possible to get the heels in my size, and also Fun from Fun for arranging the shipping to my hotel in Seoul. 

Photographed by Jhelo Cristibal | Makeup Artist: Jobi | Styled by Jemore Wilson
 Blazer from Kelvin Morales | Heels from Elnore | Bag from Fun from Fun | Skirt from Bershka

Pinned to you 
Just my usual clothes mixed with a vest that really made the statement.
I wanted to have a laidback outfit where I could wear my usual jeggings and just a simple top, but my stylist didn't want me to look so plain and matched my usuals with a vest that really made a statement. 

My GOT7 fandom made me discover a brand in Seoul that really have some stuff worth getting when you're visiting Seoul. I was just looking through airport outfits of GOT7 and saw Mark Tuan wearing this Basic Cotton bucket hat that really had a nice shape. When I visited the site of the brand, I instantly fell inlove with their collection and knew that I had to stop by their showroom once I go back to Seoul, and so I did. 

Photographed by Jhelo Cristibal | Makeup Artist: Jobi | Styled by me
 Hat, Top, Pants, and Gloves all from Basic Cotton Korea | Bag from Charles & Keith Korea Shoes from Bershka | Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios

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