Seoul Fashion Week Outfits F/W 2019

May 28, 2019

Back in my 6th grade, I started sneaking off to find a place where I can leave my camera on timer and shoot my OOTDs for Lookbook. Dressing up and sharing my looks became a means for me to express myself more because I was really not good in opening up myself to new people and just stick with the set of people who have become my comfort zone. But unfortunately, people who were close to me were the ones who told me that I was trying too hard. I would say that honestly, that affected me a lot. But how can that change the fact that my clothes are a part of me already?

I never stopped dressing up and continued sharing my style online eventhough my niche when I started to blog has became something else. I never went with fashion blogging because I knew how there are many bloggers out there who knew their personal style and were born to be fashionistas. But as for me, I never really had that distinct style, I just go with pieces that I feel like wearing depending on my mood. Sometimes I may dress up too girly or boyish, and maybe even weird. That's why I never wanted to call myself a fashion blogger. 

But then, who would have thought that the girl who was called trying hard for dressing up for herself was attending fashion shows in one of the most stylish countries in the world? 
I got to attend my first fashion week not in my country, but in South Korea, my favorite country!

I went nuts preparing for my outfits because when you look for fashion week outfit inspirations, there really is a distinct style per country. But as for South Korea, everyone is just so extra.
 I honestly wanted to blend in and look for outfits that would also make me be extra, but I didn't want to lose myself because of the thought of wanting to stand out. So I just decided to forget standing out, and just find outfits that I'm gonna be comfortable with. I found so many local brands in South Korea that I would be happy to wear, but as I came to think about it, why not wear something from my own country right? So in every outfit that I wore, I had pieces from Filipino brands that I really love. 

I would not keep this any longer, here are my outfits in Seoul Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019: 

1. Laid Back Monochrome

I honestly doubted if the shades of green in this outfit will go well together that I consulted my stylist about it. But then it turned out to be so classy and I pulled off going to a lot of shows in this outfit.

Styled by Danielle Leofando | Photographed by Gramoxoneinteon Photography
Earrings from Malanne PH, Bag from Shop Poppy, Sunglasses from Aldo, Long sleeves from Uniqlo. Pants from Bershka, Printed Blazer thrifted at Vin Prime Korea

2. Pink is always in

In this look, we were going for a classy outfit and I insisted to go with pieces in the shade of pink because pink is always in. 

Styled by Danielle Leofando | Photographed by Anna Talavera
Sunglasses from Sunnies Studio, Bag from Shop Poppy, Coat & skirt from Zara, Top from Bershka, Boots from Stradivarius

3. Philippine Colors

I was so excited to wear the Factory For Hire Jacket because it has the Philippine map at the back part. The original outfit that we came up with the jacket is an all white outfit but we ended up choosing an outfit with the colors of our flag, for me to wear our colors with pride in Seoul Fashion Week! 

Styled by Danielle Leofando | Photographed by Yejin Cho | Makeup by Seri Mama KoreaJacket from Factory for Hire, Earrings from February Lifestyle, Top from Forever 21, Pants from Topshop, Shoes from Promod

4. Following the Trend

As I was looking at the trends from fashion week in other countries, I saw that bold colors and tie dye prints are back. So I looked over instagram and saw this brand called Tiediet and fell inlove with the tie dye jacket that they have. But when I got the jacket, I honestly didn't know how to style it for I found it too bold that it was so hard to match with the pieces I have. After how many places I've been to looking for what shade I should pair the jacket with, I went with the bold colors of the jacket itself eventhough I know that those colors would make me look fat. 

Photographed by Noh Yk (@neunggu3)
Top, Pants & Shoes from Stradivarius, Tie dye jacket from tiediet in instagram, Bag from Shop Poppy, Sunglasses from Bershka, Earrings from malanne in instagram |

5. Modern Pinay

Since I'm flying from the Philippines to Seoul, I really wanted to represent the country's fashion by wearing something that is truly Pinoy. At first, I insisted on wearing a barong, I went to different stores to try wearing barongs with thermal inside but it didn't work. Then, I saw handmade pieces in my hometown that I fell inlove with. A famous Pampanga designer known for the best dresses and suits  started making hand made pieces instead. What is very unique with his handmade pieces is that he uses scrap fabrics and at the same time incorporates the Filipino culture in every design that he makes. 

Skirt from Pidayit by Philip Torres, Bag from Shop Poppy, Shoes from Charles & Keith, Sunglasses from Aldo, Coat from Indibrand Korea, Tube Top from Aland Korea |
Photographed by Anna Talavera

6. Comfort over all

Who says a comfy outfit wouldn't make it to fashion week? This is actually an outfit that I prepared for my free time in Korea. But I ended up wearing it to fashion week because it rained so hard and it was so cold to go around with stylish outfits. So I decided to wear this comfy outfit instead, and still turned out to be prepared and unbothered by the bad weather! 

Top & Skirt from Shop Copper, Bag from Shop Poppy, Shoes from Charles & Keith, Lippie from Sunnies Face | Photographed by: Jea Erisa Avilla

7. Shine Bright 

What better way to stand out in a big crowd than to shine right? I was looking through the past fashion weeks in the Philippines and got interested with the creations of graduating students. I honestly messaged alot of them, but this piece just caught my eyes and I really waited for the designer to reply to me! Luckily, she replied and made me wear one of her piece! Though the piece was too big for me since I was not blessed with the height of models, I still got to pull it off and made it to Hypebae in this outfit! 

Outfit by Justine Villanueva | Photographed by Yejin Cho

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