Olay Whips is finally in the Philippines

January 24, 2019


If you have seen my recent photos in instagram, you probably know that I have been away from the Philippines for about a month. I have travelled to places that has very different weather from our country, and I must say that I loved how the negative degree weather in the places that I've been to, closed my pores and made my skin glow. But as soon as I got to the Philippines, that's when I saw how dry my face was. Thankfully, I got this news that the very famous product in US drugstores landed the country,  the Olay Whips moisturizers. 

With the dry winter skin that I have right now, my biggest struggle is that I have these trusted moisturizers that I could happily apply at night, but not in daytime. Many of the effective moisturizers that I have tried makes my face look oily and greasy, this is why I'm still in search for better moisturizers that I could freely use in daytime because my trusted ones are for the night time skin care routine only. As much as we want to use products that suites our skin pretty well and have showed us great results, we still don't want to sacrifice looking great and fresh every single day despite the fact that skin care is life. That's why it was such a great news to hear that there are moisturizers that are perfect for daytime use and would skip my "oiliness is next to ugliness" dilemma every single day. 

Ten years in the making, Olay found a way for us to have the best moisturizer to help us from day to night. With the Active Rush Technology that is utilized in the Olay Whips moisturizers, it delivers a heavy dose of hydration to the skin and the cream is extremely light-weight and fast absorbing. It comes in three formulations that target specific skin needs: Regenerist Whip, White Radiance Whip and Total Effects Whip.


Olay Regenerist Whips deliver powerful wrinkle results without heaviness. This breakthrough facial moisturizer transforms from cream to liquid on contact for fast absorption and a breathable feel. Formulated with advance Animo-Peptide Complex II, this anti-aging moisturizer actively hydrates to improve elasticity and form while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is left with a smooth, matte, and shine-free finish that doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. The light as air finish makes this moisturizer the perfect primer to help makeup set and stay throughout the day.


This White Radiance Whips, with its unique Pearl- Optics™ Technology, deliver lasting radiance without the shine. Formulated with key tone and pore perfecting ingredients, this brightening moisturizer actively hydrates to even skin tone and minimize the appearance of pores. No grease and sticky-feeling, but only a smooth, matte and shine free finish.

Olay Total Effects Whip enriched with anti-oxidants and vitamins such as Niacinamide delivers ultimate nourishment without the weight, grease and sticky feeling. The Total Effects Whips gives skin a smooth, matte, and shine-free finish while delivering 7 benefits in one formula: actively replenishes nourishing moisture, evens skin tone appearance, enhances brightness, visibly smooths fine lines, minimizes the look of pores, restores firmness and visibly reduces dark spots.

 At the launch of these products, one of my fellow bloggers, ate Ava, tried the product for the demo. And as the Whips were applied to her face, I have noticed how thick the cream was. But as it was massaged into the skin, the product transformed into a gel like formula. 
Its claims of being light-weight is indeed true! 

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I came home from the event with a new product to use and a new guy to spend time with! HAHAHA! (chos) 

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