All About Giving: UNILEVER X SHOPEE 11:11 SALE

November 10, 2018

November is going by so fast and I'm pretty sure that everyone is rushing to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones, cause Christmas is the season of giving after all. So it is quite an announcement to see the world "SALE" in the internet and in tarpaulins everywhere because as much as possible we want to stick on a budget during this season of giving. But not everything on sale is worth the buy, we should always remember to look for items that are gonna be used by the other person you are giving it to besides thinking of the budget that you have. This is why I'm so excited to share to you guys what I will be waiting for later at 12 midnight! 

Shopee is going to have an 11.11 sale, and the best thing is that products that have been part of almost everyone's daily essentials would be on a huge sale tomorrow! As much as we want to give back to our loved ones, Unilever also wants to give back to all of us who are making them a part of our everyday by giving us huge discounts and giving us free shipping!!! 

I heard that our favorite products from Tresemme and St. Ives would be on sale up to 50% off, Dove and Unilever Foods would be on sale up to 40% off, while other Unilever products would be on sale up to 30% off. Plus there are gonna be more flash sales tomorrow (11.11), so you might want to stay in this page and see what's on sale: . Or you might just want to use a 20% discount code that would only be valid for tomorrow's 11.11 blowout: ShopeexUL (This discount code may be redeemed with a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos). 

Check out some of the products that are gonna be on sale tomorrow! 

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