Sunnies Face Fluffmattes

September 27, 2018

Being one of the lucky girls who got the whole set of the newest lipsticks that everyone has been talking about, I decided to swatch and review them. Plus, I got to buy extra lipsticks to giveaway to you guys for you to judge why everyone has been lining up all afternoon for these lipsticks! Watch my Youtube video to hear about my Sunnies Face Party experience and what I did just to get these lipsticks! 

If you're done watching my Youtube video, you probably know that I swatched everything and tried to match outfits with the different shades. Here are some snaps during the video and my thoughts on each shade: 

1. Nudist 
Warm Almond Nude

2. Milkshake 
Warm Pink Nude

3. Vacay 
Peachy Papaya

4. Baked 
Terracotta Peach

5. Girl Crush
Terracotta Rose

6. 143
Berry Rose

7. Mood 
Taupe Mauve

8. Hot Sauce 
Tomato Red
The perfect red that made me throw away my favorite MAC Ruby Woo

9. Major
Most perfect cool red

To sum up everything, here is a photo of all the lip: 

I also swatched all the shades in my hand for you to see all the shades in a morena skin, and for you to spot those shades that are near to each other. 

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