My Beauty Diary at 7 Eleven Philippines

September 25, 2018

I've been in and out of Taiwan since they lifted the Visa for Filipinos, and all I ever take home with me are nougats and of course, their face masks. Although Korean face masks are more popular in the Philippines, I've noticed that Taiwan face masks works better for my face. Maybe because products in Taiwan are really made for the humid weather that they have during the summer, that is almost the same as the weather here in the Philippines. 

I only buy face masks from two Taiwanese brands that never failed me through the days where I feel like a pimple is growing in my face. Thankfully, one of these brands is finally available in the Philippines, My Beauty Diary! And what I love most is that it would be sold in 1,300 7 Eleven stores in Luzon, that means I can buy my favorite face mask anywhere (since there are 7 Eleven stores almost anywhere you go right?). I was so happy to hear that they will be in 7 Eleven stores, since for students like me, having to pay for the commute and to waste some time in traffic just to pick up some products in the mall is just not the wise thing to do. 

My Beauty Diary is one of the #1 face mask in most Asian countries, like Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and even in the country where face masks are a thing,  Korea. This is because this brand is said to be the one who started the sheet masks. The brand has also been awarded for the great effects that the product has been giving in different Asian countries. No wonder why it was the only face mask brand included in the official gift bags that were given during the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards last June. 

For now, it is only available in two variants here in the Philippines: the Black Pearl Mask; and the Arbutin Brightening Mask. The Black Pearl Mask has ingredients to brighten and moisturize your skin. While the Arbutin Brightening Mask, whitens and firms the skin. Both however, have a unique formulation that provides a long lasting effect to the skin! 

I have been using face masks whenever I can feel a pimple growing, and I would tell that the face mask is effective if it would prevent a pimple from getting all red or swollen, and if it would make me look fresh the next day. To show you guys My Beauty Diary's effect, I actually tried the face mask the day before the launch of the product here in the Philippines. I was growing a pimple in my nose that time, but the next day its as if there was no pimple in my nose that I attended the event without the need to wear foundation. 
Here is a photo of me in the launch where I only applied concealer in my undereye. 

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Check out 7 Eleven stores near you and get the My Beauty Diary face mask to see for yourself! The masks are sold for only 89 pesos.

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