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September 26, 2018

For the past years, my mom has been trying many different products for her face because there are times (especially when we just got back from another country) that she will get these dark spots in her cheeks. It doesn't look so disturbing for me compared to getting pimples all over the face, but whenever I hear elders talk about those dark spots that are called Melasma, everyone is just so frustrated on how they will make those go away.

Recently I discovered a product that is for melasma, but I really didn't want to get it and give it to my mom because we don't really like taking alot of medicine and rather get creams to help us out with skin problems. So I tried to browse all over the internet on what are the causes of melasma, and what could the product that I saw bring to help in getting those dark spots gone. 

After all the reading, I discovered that there are many risk factors that trigger our skin to have these hyperpigmentation. The most common cause is sun exposure, and the other causes are hormonal imbalance, cosmetics, and genetics. So as you can see, melasma's causes cannot really be avoided especially for us in tropical countries. Plus you might think that only oldies could get these dark spots because our moms are the ones who usually get these, but they can actually appear at any age! 
That made me ask why melasma had to exist?! HAHAHA! Especially because my mom has it, and for sure I would have it because I always get everything my mom has (even all her health problems, namana ko!) 
Thankfully, this product that I saw that is sold for only 1,355 pesos per box can really help lessen melasma without the harmful/side effects that most people are so cautious about when it comes to medicines. Pynocare is actually a vitamin that would help lessen skin pigmentation, so it doesn't only treat melasma but any skin pigmentation. I have read this review where a girl took this to help her with a scar in her face and it actually worked. So I decided to buy boxes of this wonderful product for my mom and me even if I still don't have melasma, and all is going well! I have been struggling to find the best product to put in my face to lessen the pimple marks that I have, but when I started taking Pynocare, little by little the marks are waving goodbye to me!

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