Trying the Gigi x Maybelline Lipsticks

February 27, 2018

I decided to try and wear four of the shades of lipsticks from the Gigi x Maybelline Collection since I have a new phone to take selfies with! I really planned to try out all the shades, but I can't seem to find the other two colors for these four shades are the ones that are always in my go-to makeup kit. I recently got the Oppo F5 Youth that is known for its front camera to help me make swatches like this, makeup tutorials and vlogs( since a phone is more handy than a camera right?).  I actually tried to do a makeup tutorial already but I guess I still need to work on and practice my speaking skills and organization. If I would have the guts someday, I might post the fail tutorial though to keep you guys entertained (HAHAHA). 

Enough of the chika! The four shades that I tried are the ones that I usually bring with me which are the shades McCall, Erin, Khair and Lani. 

McCall and Erin are shades from the East Coast Collection that I usually wear when I do a glam look. I don't like to pair a glam eye makeup with dark lips for I don't like to look like I'm attending a formal event on a casual day. I also use this shades when I'm doing a no makeup makeup look. 
McCall. This is a really light shade that others won't like for you might look like your sick, but it goes really well with dark eyes and heavy blush. 
Erin. This shade looks so purple that I didn't really want to get it because I feel like bright pinks and purple shades usually make my looks cheap, but it turned out pretty well.

While the other two shades are from the West Coast Collection which are the reds of the whole Gigi x Maybelline line, Khair and Lani. The two shades looks so same in the photos maybe because I shot them in different angles, but Lani is brighter than Khair. Red shades are usually my go-to whenever I don't feel like doing my face just to add color to my look. 

Khair. This is my favorite from the whole line, it is my current perfect red lippie! 

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  1. Ganda nong Khair, perfect na pang aura 💄😍❤️

  2. Khair looks good on you!😍😍❤️

  3. Lani and Khair is wearable shade but the other 2 for me is not. hihi I don't want to look sick or namumutla 😅

  4. hello poooo!!! you're so pretty. I wish you more blessings to come as a vlogger, hoping na mapili nyo po ako for your giveaway. ILY!!!

  5. You look great in all shades❤ Pero mas bet ko yung darker shades❤

    -Jeanny Babasa