Unlimited Wagyu Steak

November 02, 2017

Everyone's been talking about this restaurant that has an unlimited wagyu promo for only 899 pesos, some restaurants would claim that their steaks are wagyu while it doesn't taste like one but I heard that Hogs & Cattle really serves Wagyu steaks. So its probably time that I stop reading reviews, and go there myself to confirm if this restaurant is a must try! 

I went to their Century City Mall branch on a Wednesday night, and there were only about 3 tables occupied. They would serve you a basket of bread and soup as you wait for your steak, but I prefer not getting yourself stuffed with bread so that there's more room for the steak. You could choose the sides of your steak, as for me I ordered mashed and veggies for my first round but I didn't like their mashed potato so I just got veggies for my next rounds. I only finished 3 plates of wagyu steak, but would love to get some more if my friend was still in for a fourth round. 

Here's a snap of my 3 plates for the night, they consistently gave me perfectly cooked wagyu steak of great sizes: 
1st round

2nd round

3rd and last round! My friend can't get a fourth round anymore but I would probably get a fourth round if she was in for it! 

Overall, I really enjoyed in Hogs & Cattle for I am a meat lover. It really is the perfect restaurant to go to whenever you feel like pigging out and splurging on food. Make sure that you are hungry when you get here so that you would really make the most on the unlimited promo. I would recommend getting your steak rare so that the bite is better, and would recommend asking for more of the garlic since for me, it goes well with every slice of the steak.

By the way, I heard that the Unlimited Wagyu Steak for 899 pesos is now Unlimited Wagyu and PRAWNS! I myself would really need to visit them again since steak and shrimps are my fave, that's why I would always be ordering surf and turf in restaurants serving steak. 

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse has a branch in Century City Mall and in Mall of Asia. Visit their facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/HogsandCattle/) or instagram (https://www.instagram.com/hogsandcattleph/) for more information about them and updates on their promos.

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  1. I love to read food reviews like this. I love eating and this blog gives me new ideas where to go next.

    Jenny Andres
    IG @jennla23

  2. Kagutom! Baka makasampu ako dyan hihi😄

    -Jeanny Babasa