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September 20, 2017

 Korea and Thailand is the home of skin care and cosmetics products that we Filipinos have been talking about, and we are so lucky to have products of similar quality that are sold in very affordable prices. Cathy Doll Philippines has been giving us Korean- inspired products that are packed in cute bottles and gives effective results like those Korean products that we buy online in an expensive price. They are already available in many stores nationwide and have recently started selling online too!

Here are the products that they've sent me:  
Cathy Doll Chili Bomb Firming Sauna Bath Gel- PHP 400
I honestly used this as a Shower Gel and I love how it helped me with my back pimple problems. I don't really know why I always try different shower gels eventhough I know how sensitive my skin is, but I'm pretty thankful that this product gave me good results.

Cathy doll Milky Splash Body Essence- PHP 480
This product claims to reduce dark spots, instant smoothening and daily firming to your skin, and it really does! I also love the smell of this product!

Cathy Doll Nefertiti Contour Kit- PHP350  and Cathy Doll Petit Ice Cream Magic Blender Blueberry-PHP175
Things that were added to my makeup collection.

Cathy Doll Fiber White X Cleansing Foam- PHP 399
Cathy Doll has been awarded for their whitening products, and I indeed know now why they were awarded! After a month getting tan in different countries, Fiber White has been helping me get my skin back to when I wasn't tan. 

These other products are the things from Cathy Doll that I got from Watsons myself.  I really went out of the way to find Cathy Doll products in the market for I was so happy with the things that they have sent me. Plus, I'm super thankful that all their products are available in sample packets that I could try. I don't remember how much they really cost, but I'm sure that they won't cost you a lot!
Among the four samplers, I really liked the gold splash essence.

They really have a great CC cream that I recently bought and have been using in school.

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