Cafe Noelle

September 02, 2017

Nothing feels better than the fact that Christmas is just around the corner already. Besides the fact that it is already the start of ber months again, I'm really just so happy to have found a happy place where it feels like Christmas anytime of the year! Cafe Noelle doesn't only have the best interiors that would make you feel like home, but they also have the best dishes that would really make you feel the warmth of the holiday season all year long! 
Me and my family would usually need to drive from Angeles to San Fernando just to get a taste of our favorite dishes from Cafe Noelle. I'm so glad when they branched out to SM City Clark, and now in Marquee. If you are a foodie who likes to take photos of the sumptuous meals that you eat, the Marquee mall branch of Cafe Noelle is just the perfect place for you to visit,  the natural sunlight of their place just makes your dining experience a lot more extra! 

I paid a visit in the Marquee mall branch recently with some of the members of the Pampanga Digital Influencers to get some snaps of our favorite dishes from Cafe Noelle. I wanted to share to you guys how you can get a nice plated yummy dish that is so affordable ("swak the budget").  

Here are some snaps of our feast! I'll caption the name of the dishes and how much they cost for future reference. 
Quesovore ( PHP 95)
For cheese lovers like me, you would really enjoy this for starters!  
Salad Noelle (PHP 240)
A mix of greens, fruits and nuts in one plate! Plus the sesame-mirin dressing is to die for, their staff would be happy to give you extra dressing if you would ask for more. 
Starter platter. I failed to get the price of this, but the dish will give you their best starters all in one plate.
Grilled Porkchop (PHP250)
I'm a rice person so I would usually look for dishes that's serve with rice. This porkchop dish is a must try for the sauce goes well with the juiciness and tender meat.  
Roast Beef Sandwich (PHP 245)
Sandwich with tender strips of roast beef in a special sauce with caramelized onions. What a surprising bite, the mix of barbecue flavor and sweet onions is just so tasty.  
Fisherman's Catch (PHP 285)
Truly everything that fisherman can catch are in this dish! This is really my favorite since I'm very fond of seafoods.
Angus Roast Beef (PHP 270)
This is a perfect meal for those who likes anything with gravy! Their mushroom sauce is to die for. 

Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta (PHP 240) and Spicy Tinapa Pasta (PHP 225)
Unusual pasta flavors that would definitely surprise you. 
Drinks at Cafe Noelle are priced at PHP 75 only. 
I was super full already but there will always be some room for dessert!

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