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September 02, 2017

To welcome my birthday month, I wanted to treat myself and shop for things that I really need. I'm so glad that all the things I've been wanting to buy again are available when I opened my Beauty Manila account, most of the products that I need are always out of stock for they are really of high demand! Beauty MNL never fails with the shipping and got my orders the next day, super sakto talaga to welcome September! 

Its so sad how I can't plan anything for my birthday because its my exam week and I'm having a little trouble with my health lately. I have also faced so much things the past months, but every challenge will always pass right? We really need to give up some things for us to grow more. So here I am, trying my best to make my 20th birthday as special as before eventhough many things are different now. 

Here are the things that I got that you might also want to get:
Everyone has been talking about clean it zero, and I myself would be one of those talking about how good it is! 
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night is my COSRX skin care routine. I really love the results that their products gave me. I usually get breakouts when I'm caught up with so much things and not do my COSRX night time routine.
I have a schedule on when I will use this cleanser and the cleansers from Banila Co. HAHAHA! (Madaming arte) 
My fave blush palette! My mom would always borrow mine so I decided to get her one so that she won't ask to borrow mine every now and then. And the lip balm is a freebie, I've been using it when I go to school cause its color is very natural.
Gave this brush to my mom along with the blush palette. (Siyempre, para kumpleto naman siya ng gamit hahaha.)

The Cream silk is a free from Beauty MNL, while the St. Ives facial scrub is one of the products I use when I decide to exfoliate. 

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  1. I've tried their liptints. It's so good and long lasting too!

  2. Sa kanila ako nakabili ng Aztec Healing Clay mask. Sobrang love ko gamitin ❤