Banh Mi Kitchen

September 20, 2017

If you would ask me what cuisine I don't really like, my answer would definitely be Vietnamese cuisine because I don't like all the greens that they put in their food. Whenever we would eat in a Vietnamese restaurant, I really make sure to request that the greens would be served separately so that I could choose what to put in my meal or just stick with ordering fried spring rolls that usually don't have any of those veggies that I don't like. But recently, I found a new Vietnamese place in Manila that made me forget that I don't like Vietnamese food. Banh Mi Kitchen serves the famous Vietnamese sandwiches called Banh Mi. The Banh Mis I have tasted before would usually have so much veggies because I think the authentic Vietnamese sandwiches are jam-packed with vegetables, but Banh Mi Kitchen's sandwiches have a balance of meat and vegetables. What I love most about Banh Mi Kitchen is that they really make sure that every sandwich that would go out of their kitchen would have that crunch that you would definitely hear with every bite. 

I usually get their Wagyu Tapa that is priced at PHP189, but the sandwich is usually too big that it would get me through lunch and dinner. I also get their Viet Coffee or the Premium Ca Phe whenever I get to go to their branches. 

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Try the Banh Mis with Sriracha, super best combo! 

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