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July 20, 2017

Getting back to shape and getting that skin tone back is one of the biggest dilemma every summer! And I'm so glad I found these affordable supplements that would help me get back on track after this summer that I have been eating everything and going to different places with unpredictable weather. 

I don't really like taking supplements for I'm scared of the side effects that I would have to face, but as I read so much good reviews about these products, I knew I had to get it and try it myself! Every supplement would really have side effects, its just a matter of having proper diet and exercise while taking them. So, here I am taking the challenge and will start to take these supplements after my vacation! Watch out for a follow up post probably next month on the results of these products to me!! 

A little background on the 3 types of supplements that you would see in the market from Vitapack:

This pack contain three capsules for whitening, slimming, and anti aging. The combination of Glutathione, L-cysteine, Slimaluma, Green Tea and other 100% natural plant ingredients plus essential vitamins and nutrients promote fairer akin, a slender figure wnd more youthful skin, everything that a girl would dream of! 

This pack contains different ingredients that would help you get that glowing and luminous skin. It contains powerful antioxidant l-glutathione to make your skin fairer and clearer, detoxify your body, and help prevent disease. Contains l-cysteine to help your body produce its own glutathione. Also contains a non-acuduc vitamin C for effective glutathione absorption with no hyperacidity. What I like most about it is that it has been proven that its not like other glutathione that causes pimple breakouts. 

Everybody is looking for ways to get slimmer instantly that some would be going with products that gives good results but has bad effects on our health. But here is a safe product to use to lose weight for it i made from 100% natural plant and mineral ingredients. It helps control hunger and appetite, increase metabolism, burn calories, reduce body fat and increase lean muscle. 

So excited to use these and show you guys the results! 💕

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