Where's Marcel? finally in Pampanga!

June 22, 2017

An Australian coffee company that got its name from a funny experience just made it to the Philippines last year, and now in Pampanga! The Australian Coffee company named Where's Marcel? got its name from a silly experience of Marcel Ruggieri and his friends when they were traveling Brazil to establish trade relations to coffee farmers, Marcel's friends thought he was missing as he wandered off and that silly experience just gave them the idea on what to name their company. 

There are many global brands of coffee shops in the Philippines, but what makes Where's Marcel? different is that it is a specialty coffee shop and they promote the coffee culture. And what I liked most about them is that they don't only serve great coffee, but they have also built this principle of "crop-to-cup," where they made arrangements with our local farmers to supply the beans of the great tasting coffee that Where's Marcel? have been serving. 

Where's Marcel is also unique for its various method of brewing coffee! They have coffee that is brewed in Batch Brew (what is commonly known as "brewed coffee for us Filipinos), Cold Drip Filter, Aero Press, and V60. 

From their first store in Melbourne and then to the second one in Sydney, they chose to expand in the Philippines for many Filipinos crave for coffee alot. I myself would be guilty of craving for coffee everytime! Plus coffee shops are just my go to place for reviewing, working, or simply meeting up with friends. They started in Ortigas then in Makati, and now they have just opened their first provincial branch here in Pampanga. The timing of their opening is just perfect for me, for I am currently staying in Pampanga and catching up on my blog, and I think I just found my new workplace! They are located at the newly opened hotel, BEST WESTERN Bendix Hotel (you might want to check my blogpost about the newly opened hotel and pack your bags for a staycation with them!), which is in San Fernando, Pampanga. 

I had so much fun sipping a nice cup of coffee and meeting local bloggers of Pampanga during their opening. We were welcomed by the Hotel owner of BEST WESTERN Bendix Hotel,  Sir Rion Patawaran.

And their barista told us the story behind Where's Marcel and all the process of their best tasting coffee. 

We were also invited to watch some coffee art, and surprisingly asked to do it ourselves! (THIS WAS SO EXCITING FOR ME FOR I AM REALLY NOT AN ARTSY PERSON!) 

I got the chance to take a picture of some of the prices of their drinks to give you guys an idea of the price ranges of their products! 

Besides coffee, they also serve meals and desserts that are to die for!
As I am blogging about this, I am seriously craving for the white one in the left side of this picture! Its not really that visible in this photo but its just so yummy, I think its their smores. (I actually forgot to ask about the name of the dessert) 

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I got to meet and hang with some of Pampanga's social media influencers. 

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