Sunsilk's Habacadabra Hair Tutorials

June 05, 2017

I'm the girl who's not really putting much time and effort playing with different hairstyles because if I do so, I would probably be more late than usual or even miss every event that I have to attend! HAHAHA! That's why you would probably not see me with a short hair for it is too high maintenance for me. I would usually go with straight rebonded hair or live up to my pagka bruha and get my hair permed. And with all the treatments that my hair has been going through, Sunsilk's strong and long shampoo and conditioner has been helping me alot with maintaining my long treated hair to be strong as ever!

And I am so glad that Sunsilk sent me a package of my favorite shampoo and conditioner with Kathryn Bernardo's #Habacadabra Hair Tutorials! Kathryn Bernardo shared four on the go hairstyles that you can do depending on what mood you are in: The Braided Brainy Gal, The Boho Wavy Chic, The MVP Ponytail and The Sweetheart Straight. 

Here is my take on the four hairstyles that are achievable with the help of Sunsilk Strong and Long in 3 easy steps! 

Step 1: Divide
Step 2: Braid
Step 3: Accessorize

Step 1: Curl
Step 2: Loosen
Step 3: Crown
For me, I just had to scrunch my curls and crown myself for I just had my perms done again after almost a year of straight hair. 

Step 1: Put Up
Step 2: Tie
Step 3: Pull

Step 1: Comb
Step 2: Twist
Step 3: Pin

This is probably my favorite look for I like looking innocent and sweet HAHAHA! Too bad I wasn't able to really straighten my hair and just combed my curls instead for I just had my perm few weeks ago! 

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