Sopistikada Collections

June 12, 2017

S? Not really because my surname is So! But Something So exciting just opened in Angeles City! In Manila, many concept stores have been opening in many different corners so that you won't need to go to a mall to find an outfit that you would wear to an event that you would attend or what. And now, I'm so glad that a new concept store just opened in my town that is in a location that is accessible to college students and has store hours that is convenient to those coming from work late in the evening for they open at 12 noon and close at 12 midnight. If you need an outfit for something coming up and the mall is closed already, you know where to go! 

Sopistikada Collections is under the company of Sopistikada Jewelry that is owned by a couple in Angeles City, Pampanga, Renzi Keith Yanes and Dharnie Soriano. Its so cute how a couple would put up a business like this together. They really have my full support after knowing this, for my parents are also business partners before they even started a family. 

I went to their Grand Opening last April 22, 2017 to see what this concept store offers and my inner legally blonde self was screaming as I entered the store. Hahaha. The store has a cute interior that would make you feel like you are a princess shopping. They have everything that a girl needs: a wide variety of clothes; bags to die for; accessories to make your OOTDs extra; shoes that are comfy and stylish at the same time; perfumes to help you smell fresh all day; and makeups to play with! They are really a one stop shop, plus their prices would make your wallet happy.  Here are some of my shots of their products: 

By the way, I got to meet Chinchin Obcena in the Grand Opening, her style and personality really matched the theme of the store itself. So kudos to the PR of the event, Ingrid Salta. 

If you guys are planning to visit them, here are their details! 
Hanniel Square Building, Corner P. De Guzman Street, Claro M. Recto, Angeles City, Pmapanga (Near Traffic Light, Marisol 3rd Gate, In front of 7 Eleven and below Veranda Restaurant) 
Type Sopistikada Collections on Waze
Weekdays: 12 noon- 12 midnight
Weekends: 2pm- 12 midnight

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