Rucy's Vanity

June 29, 2017

What's new in my go to make-up kit?

Another brand has just hit the Philippine market , Rucy's Vanity is a Korean cosmetics brand that provides us with a wide range of high quality products that are affordable. Rucy's Vanity is a Korean brand that is only available in the Philippines(I don't know why but I think their mission and vision of giving a line that is affordable suits the needs of Filipinos). Rucy's Vanity is distributed by Derm Plus Trading, the distributor that aims to be the best distributor and importer of cosmetics line in the country that has been in the Philippines for 6 years now.  

Here are my top Rucy's Vanity makeup picks! Things that would just make me look natural everyday that won't really be to heavy and won''t cause my skin to breakout.
Rucy's Vanity Matte Lipstick in Qute Pink  
I loved how your 150 can give you a lipstick that has moisturizing effect on your lips and gives you a vibrant and matte color. It glides on your lips pretty well and has good pigment with its price. Though it has limited colors, it only has 5 shades: Dark Red; Red; Hot pink; Qute pink; orange. The other shades are much more pigmented for they were of darker shades than my pick. It doesn't last that long and would require you to do retouches throughout the day. But I still think though that its still a great buy for its very affordable price.
Here's a swatch of the Qute Pink shade that I got from Rucy's Vanity. I love wearing this kind of pink for its a perfect no make up make up look shade, making it my everyday lippie.
Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Whitening BB Cream 

I've been using this BB Cream for quite some time now and I've actually repurchased a tube already for its one of my everyday essentials! For only 200 pesos you would already get a BB cream that is 5 in one, it is a UV Protection, anti-winkle, whitening, makeup base and foundation all at the same time. It actually combines ad foundation, moisturizer and concealer in one. What I really love about this product is that it looks so natural, though its only available in two shades which seem to be a big problem for me for I think I'm in between the two shades that is available. But I just settled for the lighter shade and topped it off with a darker shade that really makes my makeup look natural. 

Rucy's Vanity Two Way Cake 
If you are looking for the go to pressed powder that is not too heavy and looks more natural, this is probably the perfect product to buy! It is sold for only 250 pesos and you would already have a combination of the goodness of foundation in powder in one with UV protection and whitening! This product is also a non-clogging product that would not make you breakout, so this really is a check for me for that's one of the things I would really make sure of since I am prone to getting pimples. The downside of this product is also the limited shades, this is only available in two shades also. 
Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara
Even before getting all these Rucy's Vanity products, I've been hearing that their mascara is a must have. So this was really the product that I was so excited to try. Many have actually told me that they thought this product would smudge or what for its only 180 pesos(really cheap for a mascara), but this product is really what it claims to be! It doesn't smudge and is really waterproof, and even if its waterproof, I love how it is still easy to remove for waterproof products would usually be hard to remove (this is why I don't like using waterproof mascaras). The wand or applicator of this mascara is really of great shape, making your lashes really curly in even just one swipe. This is currently my favorite mascara that I bring with me and use everyday! 

I also got Rucy's Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil that is just 80 pesos! It was easy to blend though their shades are too dark. I suggest you get the brown shade. 

Rucy's Vanity products are totally worth the buy for their products are really of high quality eventhough sold in an affordable price. You could find them in many places already! Here is a picture on where to find them (though I think this is not updated anymore since they are expanding to more department stores and supermarket)

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