Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins

June 22, 2017

Having a skin that is easily irritated, napkin choice is such a huge issue for me. Once I try a different brand that I'm not fond of, I would usually need to visit my derma after my period. And I know its not only me who experiences this dilemma, so I'm sharing one of my trusted brand that has not only helped me with my skin problems but has many more advantages for it is the first anion napkin available in the market. 

Anion? Do you remember when you last heard this word? Yup! In your science classes. Having to buy a Jeunesse napkin, I did some reading first since I don't really get why it is an anion sanitary napkin. So here is the data that I collected from my research (HAHAHA, thesis proposal lang) 

Anions are the "Vitamins of the Air," once these anions reach our bloodstream they produce biochemical reactions that have many benefits to us, some of which are: lower stress levels higher energy levels, acts as a natural anti-depressant, strengthens immune system, helps in having better sleep, reinforces collagen production, improves blood circulation and increase mental energy. With these benefits of Anions to our body, Jeunesse made sanitary napkins with anion for they would help in balancing PH and hormone levels, protection against germs in the air, reduce inflammation, fights vaginal irritations and infections, and eliminate odor. 

Given such benefits that Jeunesse napkins have for having the anion technology, I have definitely tried their products even if I have so much skin problems. And I have discovered that they don't only have a great product because of their Anion technology, but their products also is soft, quick-absorbing and breathable! I also love how their packaging is resealable! There really are so many reasons to love and start using Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins! 

I took a shot of their products that I have been using the past months! 

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  1. Saklap talaga yung dysmenorrhea ko tuwing may period ako. Ito yung gusto ko itry e, gawa nong Anion chip marami pala siyang benefits baka makatulong sa dysmenorrhea ko.Thanks Ms Therese for review💚