Bratpack PH x Wonderwoman

June 21, 2017

I recently gave out tickets of the Wonderwoman Movie block screening of Bratpack Philippines in Marquee Mall Angeles City, Pampanga. It's such a great honor to have a giveaway for my fellow Kapampangans! I myself also had the chance to enjoy Wonderwoman with my mom and cousins! I have no word to explain how much I enjoyed and liked the movie! (GAL GADOT WAS SO HOT!) 

My giveaway winner was Ched Edrian Dizon (the guy with the glasses), who surprisingly is a portrait photographer. He came with Mark, Sam, and Abilene, who were also photographers! I got to give them a night to enjoy a great movie, and they offered to shoot me sometime. It's so good to meet new people that are so talented and creative. They have so many good shots of different people here in Pampanga in different photoshoot theme or feels. They made me realize how many creative eyes are here in Pampanga! 

Bratpack gave this cute stickers and notepad to everyone in their block screening! 

I had so much fun, and I guess my giveaway winner also had a great time watching the movie! All Thanks to Bratpack Philippines! #BratpackPH #BratpackxWonderwoman

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I paired my heels with my mini Jansport backpack from Bratpack Philippines! 

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