Zalora Haul

May 28, 2017

Ever since I was a kid, I love having heels. I still remember being so happy to have that Barbie glass heels and never wanted to take them off my feet. What’s so funny is that I don’t really wear them a lot now that I’m all grown up, I would usually just use heels when I have to go to a party or any formal event. But who can say no to Zalora Sale right? I really just had to grab pairs of heels from Zalora since everything was so affordable and of great quality. And I kinda needed to train myself in being more lady-like, having the perfect heels would be very helpful in doing so. 

I really didn’t want to order any shoe online because I didn’t want having trouble with sizes, but there I was, still giving it a try. I had bags from Zalora that has been with me for so long and they are still alive despite the fact that I’m a girl scout with my bag always loaded with so many things. So I  really trust and believe that other products of Zalora are also of that great quality.

When my package from Zalora arrived, I got so excited for it was really a huge box. But there I was having trouble with sizes. Luckily, Zalora has a good service in exchanging products, the rider got my package again and after a few days I had the new goods that perfectly fits me already! Now I could truly say that Zalora doesn't only have good quality products, but also provides service that is beyond our expectations! Download their app or visit www. the latest trends!

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