Sushi for Dessert

May 31, 2017

Eating sushi for dessert? It sounds weird right? But this is probably one of the brightest ideas one could ever think of! This is why I really looked for these cakes in Manila. I really thought it would just be a hype since the cakes are served in a creative way, but as I myself have tasted the sushi cakes, I now definitely know why so many are going crazy for these cakes. 

Here is a short background of My Pink Wasabi that I got from their facebook page: 

My Pink Wasabi was established in October 2010 by entrepreneurial friends with the goal of selling unique gifts for Christmas. After 3 months of product testing, Kashi Makis were finally introduced. Cute and yummy, these cakes are formed to resemble sushi.

The inspiration for the name My Pink Wasabi came from its non-conformist style in dessert making. The idea of a pink wasabi summarizes the true essence of its products, unconventional yet complementing. It perfectly describes the sweet fusion of desserts with the simplicity and perfection of sushi.

Now, My Pink Wasabi has grown beyond the unique gift idea as it gradually expands its line of products.  Japanese cheesecakes have recently been added to its offerings; unique made-to-order cakes for special occasions and sweet dessert giveaways are also accepted.

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