Hoegaarden's Celebration for Winning Gold at the World Beer Cup

May 29, 2017

Through one of the leading companies engaged in importing and distributing wines, spirits, and premium beers, Booze Online, Inc., Hoegaarden Brewery just extended the celebration of its World Beer Cup win to the Philippine shores. The festivity toasted Hoegaarden Original Ale's Gold award in the Belgian- Style Witbier Category of the 2016 World Beer Cup, which bested 77 other witbier brands. The World Beer Cup is one of the most stringent global beer competitions where beers around the world are evaluated and most outstanding breweries and beers are recognized every two years, which was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This really means that Hoegaarden beers indeed has something unique to make it stand out from a wide variety of beers worldwide. 

The Hoegaarden Witbier- biere blanche is recognized as the original Belgian White Beer for its distinct taste and flavor palette that is light and refreshing flavor and smooth taste.

Anne Ghanima, Brewmaster and Hoegaarden Brewery Manager explains, "Hoegaarden is different by nature. It goes through a complex brewing process that uses special barley malt, raw wheat and our very unique Hoegaarden yeast that result in a distinctive cloudy-white appearance. The key to the authentic Belgian what beer's unique, refreshing flavor and spicy nose is ingredients including real Curacao orange peel and a delicate balance of coriander. Many years ago, Hoegaarden brewmasters creativity led the iconic beer we know today and we are proud to perpetuate the tradition."

Hoegaarden traces its roots to the village of Hoegaarden, Belgium where brewing beer has always been an integral part of life. The tradition began in the 15th century, when Begarden monks in the area started brewing Belgian white(or wit) ales. Since the previous wheat beers they brewed were sour, the monks experimented by adding orange peel from the colony of Curacao and coriander until they deliciously crafted the Hoegaarden recipe used today. By the 19th century, the village the boasted of 35 breweries. 

The celebration was held in the roof deck of Manila House in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. There were alot of activities to do, a live band entertainment and an unlimited supply of Hoegaarden beers to chug. There were also a lot of celebrities and influencers present in the party. I really had a good time at the party doing all the activities prepared and meeting new people through a good talk over a bottle of beer.

I really love the taste of Hoegaarden's Rosée,  I recommend this to all the girls who doesn't really like the taste of beers.

Here are my snaps of the stations in the event: 
I made my own Hoegaarden stamped bag! I just placed all the stamps available there and look how it turned out!

This is the Thread Art Station, this station really challenged my artistic side (KASI WALA TALAGA AKONG ARTISTIC SIDE HAHAHA!) But I believe my rose thread art turned out good since it looked like the sample. 
Living in a condominium, adopting an airplant from the party was a good choice! They are so easy to maintain, and at the same time they look so stylish. 

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