Watsons Mask Haul

April 11, 2017

I've really been obsessed with masks the past few months, so I've been trying out different brands of masks. Ever since, Watsons shopping is fun for me and it became extra fun now that I am looking for different masks that I could try on. I was quite shock that Watsons have a variety of brands of masks to choose from, they have my favorite brand and they have many different Korean Brands that are worth trying. Here are the masks that I purchased last week! 

I was so happy to see Leaders in Watsons because I have only been getting this through Sephora and they were also cheaper in Watsons! This is probably my favorite brand of masks! 
I've been reading so much about pimple patches, so I'm giving it a try plus this is Leaders so I'm kind of okay with trying new things when I already know the brand. 
I actually tried these masks months ago, so this is just a repurchase. I really like how this mask is cheap and still gives me a refreshing feeling every after use. And I really like products helping me with my pimple problems and I could tell that these masks are not like those products giving you breakouts instead of helping. 

Everyone has been posting pictures of masks that are not plain, so here it is! Being my vain self, I wanna take pictures while wearing my mask, and I bet this would be cute. 
I just bought a foot mask because my sister told me that they peel off your calluses after using. 
Watsons has different Collagen products and so glad they have masks. 

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