April 11, 2017

If you have read my Althea Haul, you would probably know that I found a make-up remover that I would really trust because it didn't give me a pimple breakout, and now I'm so happy to find another brand that I could trust! I honestly didn't want to try any other brands for make-up remover but I ran out of my favorite wipes from Althea so I had to look for an alternative in Watsons. I found the Purederm Argan Oil wipes and used it. I was quite hesitant because I didn't really trust wipes that have a smell since I think it is too concentrated that it would make me breakout, but I tested my luck and still tried it. After a week of using it, I could say that it has passed my trust issues and it really removes make-up even better than my favorite wipes from Althea. So now I can say that I have a new favorite! Since then, I tried the Vitamin and Collagen make-up remover and Purederm really won my heart that I did a Haul of all their products in Watsons and I'm so excited to try everything!

Purederm has four kinds of makeup remover, my favorite would be Argan Oil. 

I decided to get these two to help me through my puyat days. 

So far, I have tried the Pore Minimizing Mask(the one in the middle) and it  has showed me great results especially so that I had a pimple breakout after a week of exams that I have pulled some all nighters. 
I am really starting to love foot masks! My dad tried the Exfoliating and I guess he would also be getting foot masks from now on. 
My favorite is the Aloe Vera, but I think some would like the apple or cucumber better. Because me and my sisters tried the three and we had different preferences. 
I've been using the gel patches and I could say that it is an essential and I should be stocking up! The Pore Cleansing Pad is also good but I wish it came with more pads in a pack. The Nose Pore Trips were great especially so that they were in Aloe. 
In all honesty I am telling you guys that this Brand won't fail you. It is not only me who have tried their products, but also my whole family! HAHAHA. We could probably have a Purederm Family Award for trusting this brand so much. 

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