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April 13, 2017

 A new cosmetics brand from US has finally arrived in the Philippines and I bet you guys would be interested to know what this is! They are the makeup brand which gives us fun and playful makeup to help us be creative in our own ways. And the thing is, this makeup brand gives us products that are more than just "basic" makeup in prices that won't make you break your bank. 
Exciting right? 

J. Cat Beauty has finally opened their first store in Uptown Mall, BGC last March 26, 2017. And I'm so lucky to be one of those to try their fun and playful products. Their line really makes me want to experiment on my makeup everyday without being shy to express who I am through my make up! Here are the things that I got from them! 

(from left to right) The Sparkling Cream Palette, the Fab Five Eyeshadow Palette, and the Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow.
I didn't really know how to match and go out with the Sparkling Cream Palette but I stepped up my game and experimented on it. And I'm really so happy how it turned out. The palette that I got is the Zumba Palette.
The Fab Five Eyeshadows were all in bold colors, bold colors that the brand was known for, I love to mixed the blue and yellow shade. (It may be an unusual match but I have been using blue eyeshadows ever since the time I performed as a choir in grade school, and the yellow eyeshadow was the lightest so...) The Palette that I got is the Mysterious Trove Palette.
The Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadows is really pigmented that you won't need to wet your brush for easy application. The shade that I got is Gingerbread, and I heard this shade is similar to the bronzeglow baked eyeshadow of Stilla. 
The Fantabulous lipstick that I got is in the shade of Barcelona. And the Twist and Kiss hydrating lip balm that I got is in the shade Secret Kiss. 
The Upper one is the Fantabulous lipstick in Barcelona, it is a perfect nude for everyday use. While the lower swatch is the  Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm in Secret Kiss, I don't really wear pinks that much but I guess this one would be an exemption.

I got two shades of their Perfect Duo Brow Pencil, but I think I got light shades though. I got the shades Brown and Chestnut. 
The Nail Polish of J.Cat in the shade of ___ made me want to live my mermaid dreams! Hahaha! I really love how it was sparkly but still looked elegant. 

Being the girl obsessed with matte lips, I would never forget to get matte lipsticks! I got two of their "Lipfinity" Matte Lip.  I love how this liquid matte doesn't feel to heavy on your lips and last super long! 
The upper swatch is in the shade "Call Me, Maybe?" and the lower swatch is in the shade "Single, Mingle Tonight." I'm so sorry for not letting it dry first though! 
The Diamond Lust Lip Gloss that I got is in the shade of Mauve Stone, I love how the product is so creamy but is not sticky on the lips, and it is in a travel friendly packaging!
The Wonder Lip Paint is something new in my makeup collection that is why I didn't really swatch it right (So, I'm sorry guys!) I got the shade Talking Flowers, now that I know how to actually use it, it really turned out to be a pretty shade! I love how the lip paints are not drying eventhough they are stains. Though you should have a brush to apply them because it could be a little messy without a brush.
The upper is the Diamond Lust Lip Gloss in Mauve Stone, while the lower swatch is the Wonder Lip Paint in Talking Flowers. As I mentioned, I really didn't swatch the Lip Pain right, it came out watery because I didn't shake it first. 

The Fantabulous Jar Eyeliner comes with High Precision Brush Applicator and is waterproof! To make a change, I got the Fairy Green shade instead of getting the basic black that we all have. I love how the product doesn't smudge and is long lasting! 
J.Cat Beauty Eyeliners are to die for! Their eyeliners glide on easily because they are all creamy (Which means you have to let it set for a little while) and they last long! I wear eyeliners more than eyeshadows that's why I got colored ones, and they definitely got me around the whole day!
The Roll It Up Auto Eye Liner in Oxford Blue, Wholly Addiction Pro Define Eye Liner in Green Coral, Skinny & Long Eye Pencil in Dodger Blue, and #MOTD Waterproof Slide On Pencil in Roman Gold. 

Being the highlighter girl, I get so excited to get a new highlighter. I got the You Glow Girl highlighter of J.Cat Beauty in Twilight and I'm really so impressed how the product is really for all skin tones and types. My sisters and I have different skin tones and types and we all loved how it looks to us! I love how the Twilight shade of this highlighter is similar to Becca's Opal, so for those in a budget, you could get this instead.
The one in the middle is said to be a blush and a bronzer in one. (Sorry for that fingerprint in the middle of the cat, I was kind of excited to see the shade on me hahahah) Yup, the packaging is so cute!!! The cat part of the blush gives an effect of bronzer, so when you slide off you brush to the cat, you would have a perfect balance of pigment and shimmer. I got the Love Struck in Lovey Dovey which is a lovely baby pink color.
Lastly, the one in the left is the Golden Soleil Baked Bronzer in Cancun Golden Tan. I heard that this bronzer is like the Milani Tantalizer. The product is easy to blend which makes it a must have! 
The Big Eye Pencils has a creamy texture that I used a brush to apply it, plus a swipe of it goes a long way since the color is so intense. I got this product in Charcoal and Violet. 
The Rocker Chic Velvet Touch Waterproof Gel Eye Liner promises a waterproof, partyproof, tearproof, and smudgeproof liner, and I am totally convinced with this! I tried it myself as soon as I got it and it really is everything that it promised to be! Plus it dries quickly and it has a sharpener!  This shade that I got it A Little Grunge. 

I'm pretty sure you guys have tried Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams and Colourpop Lipsticks right? Well, these Soft Matte Lip Coolers from J.Cat Beauty are kind of the same with the two except that these lasts longer! And I could probably say that these coolers are better because they won't dry your lips. What I love the most about the product is the applicator (you should get yours to see what I mean!!) 
The upper swatch is an unusual color to wear for everyday purposes but I bet it is the color you could wear in an event to give you a fun and bold look, it is the shade Sherbet Sky. The lower swatch is the most popular shade that fits any skin tone. It is the shade Frozen Choco. 

I don't really use false eyelashes except for times where I would get my make up done by a professional makeup artist, so I would be keeping this for that time. 

This Brow-Mazing Duo Kit has everything that you need to achieve your "eyebrows on fleek." The kit has stencils to help you, two shades of brow powder (a light and a dark shade), and the tools you need in grooming your brows. 

The Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain is a must have for me, though there are good and bad reviews about this product, for me it is a must have. The shades available are quite bold and shocking but the shade Girls Gone Bad caught my eyes. The Lip Stain has an intense color at first that you won't get why it is a lip stain rather than a liquid lipstick, but as it lasts throughout the day it would appear to be a stain in your lip. 

This mascara is a must have! It is a volumizing mascara that really gives you a fuller lash. I can't try it right now since I have my extensions but my sister has been enjoying it.
J.Cat Beauty products are worth the buy, not only for the professional makeup artists out there but also for beginners like me since they are not expensive but still gives you the quality of an expensive makeup! My favorite so far, is the You Glow Girl and the Soft Matte Lip Coolers. Try their products now and tell me what your favorite product is, okay?

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