April 13, 2017

Being a probinsyana studying in Manila, my life at the end of the week consists of long bus rides. And guess what? I carried a bag filled with Amber goodies for my family to taste what everyone in Manila has been talking about. If we have Susie's Cuisine and Nathaniel's here in Pampanga, there is Amber in Manila! I was so excited to hear what my parents would say because yup, we are Kapampangans, and we are picky when it comes to food. 

I got all their best sellers: chicken lollipops, pichi pichi, barbecue, lumpia, cheese sticks, pancit and spaghetti!
I really love Amber's pichi-pichi and spaghetti, that sometimes I would be ordering only for myself in times of intense craving!  It takes a long time to wait for your orders to come, but for me, waiting is worth it!!

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