Loreal Hair Workout

March 25, 2017

I got so excited when I got an invitation from the Loreal team about their upcoming event, but I had one problem, I just dyed my hair two or three months ago and the event was for Loreal Hair Colorist. So yup we all always think that coloring your hair over and over again would get your hair damaged, but here it is, I attended the Hair Workout to put my hair to the test and see if coloring it again with Loreal would not make it damaged. (Putting my hair to the test is really a huge sacrifice since I won't have anything to do if it gets damaged, but the colors that I want are available! So there I was risking everything). I really thought I won't make it to the event because I had a class and the venue was far from UST, but thank God I made it! I think I was the last one to get in. 

I love the moodboard that welcomed us as we went inside the One Life Studio. 
Other bloggers/vloggers getting their hair and make up done! 
While waiting for my turn, there were many activities that I could do to keep myself occupied. There was a flatlay section, a coloring section for me to try to be artsy, and the pilates class! I really love all the things that is in the flatlay section that I wanted to grab all the things there and include them in my flat lay! The coloring section made me so frustrated because I wanna be artsy but I wasn't born to be an artist hahaha! And I was impressed with the pilates class of One Life Studio for their equipments are really good and their trainer really knows how to inspire you to be healthy and fit! 

The coloring section to keep everyone occupied while waiting!

Here is one of my takes for the flatlay contest of the event! 
Here is the Pilates Studio of One Life Studio, it really is far from the Pilates Studios in Pampanga. (Tuwang tuwa ako)

Of course there was food in the event to keep us fuelled up for the pilates class,  eventhough everything was organic and healthy, I really enjoyed the meal!
Green Giant was the one who prepared the meals, really hope you check them out! 

And theses healthy drinks were from detoxify bar! I honestly didn't like to get one because of previous experiences but I ended up finishing two bottles! So check them out!!!

Artista feels talaga ako nung inaayusan na hahahah.

Watch my youtube video about the event to know what shade I got! I didn't want anything that is too obvious since I'm in pre-med student and minsan binabawalan mga may color na hair eh, so I went for this light shade! 

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