March 14, 2017

Hi Amigas and Amigos!

I'm really so excited to tell you about the latest news that I have for you!!! So last week, I went to UP Town Center to finally try the newest restaurant in town that is having so much good feedbacks for the past few months that they have been popping out in different places in Manila. You would definitely go insane craving for their menu once you have tried their food. (So guys, once I tell you that the food is good, I really am serious about it! Being a Kapampangan who grew up in a house with good cooks, I am really a food critic!) Many of their food choices are zesty, so for those who loves zesty foods, you would definitely enjoy here. But their menu have a wide variety of choices and you would find something there for you if you don't like anything citrus!

Before showing you the food that we ate, I would just like to commend how the interiors have that "reunion" feels or maybe that bonding vibes that you and your barkada have been looking for. PLUS, they serve a wide variety of beers and cocktails which makes your barkada night extra special! HAHAHA!

This is their best selling cocktail so I just had to try it!

It was so hard to pick what to order because I was so overwhelmed with the choices that were in front of me. I should have taken a picture of their menu for you to see how your choices are good that you can't even pick what to order. (I would probably do that in my next visit and make another post! And I would probably keep in mind that I have to put menu pictures in my food posts so that I would really help you guys plan where to eat.) We just decided to follow kuya waiter and order their best sellers! Here are the photos of what we ate (They look so good, and tastes a lot better!!!!) 
A meal for me and my two friends, at first we thought that we wouldn't finish all of that. But what can you do when the food is yummy right?
Those ribs and chicken are their specialties and once you try it, you would know why it is their specialty! Plus, I would really suggest getting the mussels and calamari for appetizer, especially for seafood lovers like me!

This is really good but I suggest getting this with your barkada for it really is in a BIG serving! 
I had to take a picture of this one since for me, it is a must try and something I would go back to and crave for! One of the best tasting Clam Chowder that I have tasted! So don't forget to order this in Gringo okay?
This was actually a pahabol order since I had a friend that was around and she came by  qand joined us! Which gave us a reason to try other things in their menu!!! YUM! 
I honestly didn't know how I would eat dessert pa after finishing all the things that we ordered, but I really just had to try their dessert and I'm so glad I did! I somewhat found a similar taste to the authentic Mango Sticky Rice that I tasted in a province in Thailand except that this had a twist, it has sago and ice cream!!! 

I wanted to celebrate and destress after two weeks of hell facing so much practical exams and books to study for my written exams. And it was so worth it that I spent the night with Gringo! Food really takes all the stress away! PLUS, I was with my College best friend and my High School best friend at the same time! (Placed a picture of both of them since I bugged them to go with me! Hahaha)

Really enjoyed the night with chicken, ribs and friends, all thanks to Gringo! They have been opening in different places here in Manila, so I guess there is a branch near you! This branch that I went to was their newly opened branch in UP Town Center, so for all my Katipunan friends and readers, here is a new hangout spot for your family and friends! 

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Here is a proof of how stress I was when I came to Gringo for help! Hahaha! 

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  1. Wow so nice place "Gringo" together with friends.Nice blog!πŸ’•

  2. Wow! Nice place to visit sometimes. Thanks to you blog, I am able to get ideas where to go next time.

  3. Awesome blog, informative and interesting!

  4. Ganda ng place.. srap din ng foodπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ nice blog sis😊

  5. Very nice blog...two thumbs up! I would love to visit that place one day :-)
    IG: @imeepalad

  6. After reading this blog, got an idea where to celebrate my son graduation. Thank you :)

  7. It's interesting place to go. My hubby and I will surely have a food here to try. ��