Beauty MNL Haul!!!!

March 31, 2017

You know that feeling of having the last night of reviewing for the last day of your hell week? When you know that konting push nalang but there you are feeling all the stress that the whole week brought you. The best thing that I always do is to look for ways to destress first to survive the last night with alot of papers and books to read. And what to most girls do to destress right? Yup, we are really so high maintenance but yeah, sometimes we really just need to reward ourselves a little bit! So here it is, I really needed and deserved this haul, and I'm so glad that I just ordered yesterday and I got it exactly the next day and exactly after my last exams! Super duper worth it na reward for myself! (I just hope all my hard work this week would pay off though! WISH ME LUCK!) 

Before showing you guys all the things that I got from Beauty MNL, I would just like to emphasize and commend how I just placed my order the night before and it was already here the next afternoon!!! Can you believe that?! I really had a hard time budgeting and not being too overwhelmed with all the things that I'm seeing, so I am telling you that picking my top items from the Beauty MNL site was really so challenging but at the same time enjoyable!!! (Shopaholics like me would probably understand how it feels like having a hard time choosing products but still enjoying the experience.)   
Here are my top picks for this month! Would probably save up for the things that I wasn't able to buy!
My new go to highlighter! Pop Beauty's Pow Wow Powder

I've been using Pop Beauty's Pow Wow Blushes and I love how it doesn't give me pimple breakouts even if I use it regularly. I also love how the 4 shades of blushes all suites me well! And its not only me who loves it alot, my mom would always ask for it when I'm in Pampanga, so in my next Beauty MNL haul I would probably get her one too. With the good impression that Pop Beauty's blush gave me, I got myself the highlighter version of my Pow Wow Powder, and I can really tell that I will probably be a fan of Pop Beauty's products from this day on! All the 4 shades of the highlighters really gives the glow I've been looking for. I might even substitute this nalang with my pricey everyday highlighter (para mas tipid!) 

10 Piece Brush Work Makeup Brush Set
For all my readers who is following me in instagram and snapchat, you might have seen my condo and how much I love green, and now I think I'm falling inlove with pink also that's why I got this! Plus it is on sale for 699 pesos only!

Exfoliating Foot Mask by Skin Lite
With all the long walks to school, I decided to invest on different foot masks! I didn't try this pa pero I might be using it tonight! (So Excited!!!)

Finale Acne Scar Gel
I've been using different scar gels and looking for the perfect alternative for the scar gel that we've been using for many years na and now we can't seem to find one anywhere. I really hope this works as much as my lost Acne Scar Gel!!! 

This has been out of stock for quite some time now, so hurry and get yourself one, especially so that it's on sale now!!!! I didn't try it pa, but many people from different places in the world has been talking about this pimple patch! So I'm really so happy that I finally got myself one, I really waited for the restock.

For every order in Beauty MNL, you get a free normal size tube of cream silk!

Catch my next Beauty MNL hauls and try Beauty MNL yourself! If you're having a hard time looking for what you can get in Beauty MNL, they also have this online magazine, Bloom, to help answer your questions on what you should get! 

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  1. How to be you po @mariatheresaso?

  2. Ang dami ate! Saka ang cute ng mga color ng brushes! Buti ka pa madami budget pambili. @chinitaqueen08 here. 😊

  3. OMG!!! Grabe andami huhu angganda!! :) @darrenxv hereeee

  4. Yay! Superb. I want this in my life. 😊 @jhenny_duran