February 17, 2017

I got to spoil myself over the holidays since I started all the christmas gift shopping as soon as the ber months started and had so much time to save up for Christmas vacation. So here, I did a little shopping for myself. As Korean Dramas are getting so much hits in the Philippines, Korean Beauty Products are also spreading all throughout the country for they have had so many good reviews. Being my curious self, I wanted to hop on the Korean beauty products hype, and all thanks to Althea Korea Philippines, I got the products that I've been reading about in just a short amount of time and such an affordable price. So in this post, I would tell you what I love and hate about each product that I got! 

The Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder with Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint has recently been part of my go to essentials for it really freshens you up with all the errands that you are to do in a day. The powder really reduces oily skin and makes your skin look matte and healthy, plus upon applying the powder, you would really feel the hint of mint that would give you a cooling and refreshing sensation. The powder doesn't leave a white cast for it is translucent and so far it hasn't cause me acne breakouts. So that probably proves how much I fell inlove with this product. But what I hate about it is that the packaging was not that cute (I just really like products with cute packaging) and at the same time, it is in a cute size package. Though I read from some reviews that eventhough it is small, it would take a while to finish everything even if you are using it everyday. 

As much as my mom would always remind me to drink my Vitamins, I have read so much blogs and watched so much vlogs that would suggest including a Vitamin C serum to your daily routine. So I decided to get this Power 10 Formula VC Effector and include it in my night routine for almost 2 weeks now. I read good reviews saying that this product is helping them remove scars and blemishes on their face, but as for me, I'm still waiting for the results! But so far it doesn't cause breakouts!! Hope I see good results soon!!! 

The Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel has been a hit in many places in the world that you can actually be fooled and end up buying a fake one online! It actually has so many uses simply because its ALOE VERA! Some say that it could be used as a  moisturizer for the face and the body, makeup base, hair treatment, eye pack, and for healthy nails. But for me, I have tried using it as a facial mask and a hair treatment and so far it just gave me good impressions! Using it as a facial mask, I don't really agree with those who say that it could help lessen acne, but it really does give you a refreshed feeling and a smooth face! On the other hand, using it as a hair treatment, my hair looked like it was blow dried when I tried to use it on my hair! The only thing that I don't like about the product is that it should have came with a spatula for the size of the product is big and you would surely not be using it only one time.  

I'm really not settling to one brand when it comes to cleansing wipes for all I cared about is that when I wipe the tissue on my face, I could see my make up removed. But lately I've discovered that some cleansing wipes gives you skin irritation and some would give you pimple breakouts too! And I'm thankful that I discovered this Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue in Althea for it saved me from the cleansing wipes that somehow gave me a breakout! So I think from now on, I will stick to only one brand of cleansing wipes, and I guess this it! 

If you are my reader, you would know how much I don't really know how to put makeup on, so when I saw this kind of eyelash curler, I really wanted to get it since it has a COMB! ( Super natuwa ako without knowing na may ganyan naman talaga na eyelash curler so medyo tanga moments as a starting blogger ko ito) But in all fairness, I really like how my eyelash are curled using this curler since it combs the eyelash and separates the lashes properly before you clamp the curler down, preventing your eyelash to clamp and and tangle while curling. 

I'm really interested with highlighters so I bought the W. Lab 3D Shape Highlighter to add it up to my highlighter collection. And honestly, I was really surprise that this highlighter gave me results that are even better than my other highlighters that really cost me a lot! So I really recommend that you also get this for yourself! Though I haven't really used the 3D Shape Shading since I haven't been contouring my face lately, but I will give you an update on this! 

I love putting masks on my face and feeling refreshed afterwards so I got this magic mask since its packaging looks so cute and hey, its a MAGIC mask!! HAHAHA. I really thought it wasn't gonna work out but after about 15 minutes the hearts really changed colors and it really is fun to wait for it to do so. And I also got the famous nose patches since I always grow pimples in my nose for I sneeze alot because of my allergies, but I haven't had the chance to use them pa! But there are so much good reviews about these nose patches, the one thing I hate about it though is that it doesn't have instructions in English (Though there are many videos in youtube to help you with this problem) 

I'm really impressed on how the Beta-Salic 2.0 of Chica Y Chico dries up pimples even just overnight! Some reviews would tell you that this product would dry up your skin and make your face peel off, but I my derma once told me that creams that would dry up your pimples would really have that effect, so you should always put just the right amount only when needed. 

I really love how this mask has the consistency of the mask that my derma puts on my face after every facial, so I just had to get one and try it. I just got my second tin a few days ago and that pretty much explains how much I love this product! So I guess it would be better to just tell you guys the cons that I have noticed for this product, the only thing I don't like is that its messy to deal with but I guess that could be improved and lessened over time! 

I have been a MAC girl ever since I started putting make up on, and I don't really explore so much especially with primers and foundation for I don't want to end up having pimple breakouts. But what's wrong with trying right? So I got this Skin Liar Primer that many are talking about. I was so scared because it has a smell and my sensitive skin reacts to products that have scents. I'm so happy and relieve that after using the product for days, I didn't get pimples! So now I have an alternate for my MAC primer that really hurts my wallet so much. I've been using this primer for normal days since it feels so light on the face and somehow covers pimple marks. And the best thing about it is that it makes putting foundation and concealer easier. AND ONE MORE THING, I don't really know if some people who uses this notice that your skin would be matte and it really gives you that bloom that you would definitely love! 

This brand has received awards so I decided to try it! I'm honestly not that impressed with this product, but at the same time, I didn't really see any bad results but I'll keep on using it and would try to see why this product is a must have!

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  1. Nice Post Theresa! I already tried the Nature republic aloe soothing gel and i like it, the innisfree sebum powder seems interesting and would love to try it soon ;) Ig name: mybloomingheartandsoul, yt: len ainza

  2. I'm starting to shop in and your blogs gives me ideas which one to pick. This helps a lot. Thanks

  3. Hi Ms. Maria! I've been a reader of your blogs since day one. You inspired me a lot like all the other bloggers �� Keep it up! You're just one of a kind. Hindi mo man mapansin 'tong comment ko, hindi man ako mapili, just know that I'm always here, nakaabang sa mga blogs and posts mo �� Silent reader/follower ang ganap. Hahaha! Good Bless you always �� Take care and more adventures to come!!!

  4. Hi Miss therese! Love your althea haul! I'm aiming to get one din maybe next month. Ang natatry ko palang is yung sa nature republic na aloe vera soothing gel which thumbs up talaga yung effect sa skin. Ginagawa ko siyang mask before I go to sleep. Ganda naman ng effect sa skin. Matagal ko ng gusto matry yung skinfood black sugar honey mask nila. Hihi mahilig talaga ako sa mask. Ask ko lang pano ginagamit yung vitamin C serum? Hahaha wala kasi akong idea how to use it. Nakikita ko lang siya lagi. Halos lahat ng sa haul mo gusto ko matryyy. Yun lang. More power! Take care always and Godbless!

  5. K-beauty is love! 😍❤️❤️❤️

  6. Awesome giveaway , great blog and informative one too! Follow you at you tube and instagram ig : berrynuts . God bless!