January 10, 2017

I am the "libotera" of the family, and will always be out especially when I'm home in Pampanga. But I noticed that I never really post things that are seen or places that can be visited here in Pampanga! So here is my first post about a place in my hometown and I will probably make it my New Year's Resolution that I should be posting more things that are in Pampanga!  
During my free time in Manila, I usually get my nails done. I could probably say that almost every girl like me spend their relaxation time in nail bars. That's why now that I'm on a break and spending time in Pampanga, I'm in search for nail bars that are affordable but still has great service and are near our place. I really have this go to nail bar in Nepo Mall because they offer nail art services price at 150 pesos only, but the thing is, they are not good in cleaning the nails and I always leave the place with cuts. So whenever I go to them, I make sure that I have had my nails cleaned and they would just apply the nail polish. So the 150 pesos service ends up to be not so worth it. 

 I have heard that the new mall that is an extension of Nepo Mall, the Newpoint mall, has a nail lounge that offers great service so I decided to go there and check it out. But as I arrived there were two nail bars, so I just went with the one that could accommodate me at the moment. 

The Library Spa really had that review vibes that you would be looking for every exams (plus I really love how they were playing some music but they still kept the volume minimal so that those who are reading can focus.) The spa had a wide range of books that were of different types: some books to entertain you and there were also some to help you in your studies. The staff gave me a seat, handed a list of their services and asked me what I prefer, iced tea or coffee. I chose their package of Manicure, Pedicure and Foot Spa priced at 550 pesos and their staffs responded fast. They gave me the iced tea that came with their service and the book that I asked for (although I don't really read alot, the feels of the place gave me that reader vibes HAHAHA.) 

All in all, I was so happy leaving with my sparkly nails, though I think it took so much time since I was there for about two and a half hours or I was just in a hurry to tell if it took too much time hahaha. But yup, I would probably come back to get my nails done at the Library Spa again!

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  1. Two of the things i like in one! a spa and a library! what can you ask for!

  2. Pampering supreme and tons of books is something that i really want! i hope they can have more branches so that alot of people can enjoy!

  3. Nice innovation! A spa with a library, 😵💟📚

  4. Wow. Ang galing spa at the same time library.

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