December 19, 2016

Being that girl who is always in a hurry to go especially so that I am always the last one to get ready and everyone's telling me to hurry up, I would usually just have a little time to fix myself and just go out with sunblock on my face and some color on my lips(just to make it look like I really had time to fix myself hahaha). I usually stick with the reds not only because they make you look a little more bold, but also because I have morena skin and I don't usually feel so confident wearing pinks and other bright colors. But lately, I have received and tried the Maybelline Vivid Matte by Color Sensational lipsticks that came in popping shades that I don't really go for, and I honestly love them!  

I received 5 shades that are in pinks and reds, from Vivid 5 to 8 and Vivid 13. I would highly recommend that you check these shades out for they really are perfect for the christmas season. Whether it would be you wearing them for a more fun and happy look, or your friends or relatives receiving them from you for the holidays! The colors might not be your taste when you see them, but I'm pretty sure that you would love them like how I did when I finally had them on my lips. And I almost forgot! The color really stays for a long time and leaves a stain even if you wipe it off, which is such a good thing for you won't need to retouch everytime! 

Vivid 7 on the left and Vivid 8 on the right: My favorite shades among the 5 colors I have.

One more thing that is good about Maybelline's Vivid Mattes is that they are sold at a very reasonable price at 299 pesos each! Visit the nearest mall to you and look for Maybelline counters to try this collection! You could also head on to Lazada to get your very own tube of Maybelline Vivid Matte at,ph

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  1. I can never agree girl! Maybelline's lippies are just awesome! i remmeber when they did a super sale last season, i went to their stores and grab all the sale items! not to mention they match my skin and color very well :-)

  2. really love that shades of lipstick madam ..

  3. I like the Maybelline Vivid Matte 5 and 7.