December 16, 2016

Along with my instax upgrade from instax mini 7 to instax mini 90 to match my Fujifilm X-A2 camera, I felt the urge to also invest on accessories for my instax camera, other than those accessories for my Fujifilm X-A2. So I looked on instagram shops that sells instax accessories, and luckily I found one shop with all the things I am looking for and sells them in a very affordable price! I got this clear case, filter lens and selfie lens for instax mini 90 all from @instaxtic. Visit their instagram and experience a smooth and hassle free transaction without paying so much!

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  1. This is just a great gadget! i have been wanting to buy instax before but due to its high priced refills i just stick to digital photography na lang, but after reading yor post hmmm i am starting to regain my interest and maybe someday buying myself one too! Thank also for the tip as to where i can buy accessories for the Fujifilm AX-2 camera!

    P.S. i have checked the lens accessories and it is really an eye candy! I want it!