December 16, 2016

Ala Mode is a shop that sells authentic imported accessories online and has always been present in different bazaars. I had this experience one time, that I thought Ala Mode was overpriced because there are many shops that are alot more cheaper, so being my matipid self, I have chose the shops with cheaper prices for some time. But as I have been using those bags from the shop with a cheaper price, one of my friends proved to me that my bags were fake. And since then, I never really wanna buy from other shops other than ala mode. It is really affordable naman unless you look at the prices of the fake bags or wallets from other shops, like what I did. And for several purchases from them, I really appreciate how sweet the owner of Ala Mode is! So if you are looking for imported items, it would be better to stick with the shop that is surely authentic or else you would make the same mistake I did back then! 😉

I got this Couch wallet and their own signature keychain in my last Manila Sundance Bazaar. It was so cute that when I was buying, the owner of Ala Mode was helping out Vina Guerero with her hairstyle for some event or shoot(Really just had to share that and show you guys how humble the owner of Ala Mode is.). The keychain would be a great gift for your kikay friends this Christmas!
Visit Ala mode's instagram account @alamode and their website: www.alamode.com

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  1. These are just C.U.T.E.! Really just perfect for a kikay like me! and perfect for gifts as well. Thanks for this!