October 24, 2016

I'm really so sad that I have made this post so early but wasn't able to release it online so that you guys could have got the box! The August Saladbox came just in time to save me from the stress that school brings! Here's a snap of the box and its contents.
The Beauty Bask Urban Organics Soap and Raw Bath Soak made the box smell good that I could already smell the box even before opening the package. And as I opened the box, I was really glad to see the TreSemme Split Repair since I have not been fixing and maintaining my curls that much. And after a long day in school and long walk going home, Glam Glow was there to save my face the day I received the box. The Body Fantasies Signature Scents are now my go to essential since its so handy and it really smells good. I still haven't had the chance to use the gift certificate from Skin Perfection but it would be great to use it after my hell week! And Lastly, there is also a Sleek MakeUp coupon, and the Sleek MakeUp Lipstick that were only included in the VIP Subscribers' Saladbox. I have been using the lipstick as my everyday lipstick these days since it is the perfect natural pink lips!
Although compared to the previous boxes of Saladbox, the August box was a little less expensive than the previous boxes, which probably made some subscribers disappointed. But I'm pretty sure that saladbox was just preparing for a big surprise for us on their birthday month, which is also my birthday month!! YAY! I'm really so excited to share to you the September box that made all of us so happy, will post it very soon so that you guys would make up your minds and start subscribing for the October box before it runs out!!!

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  1. what great beauty haul find here Maria, These are making me KILIG!