September 05, 2016

Having sisters who really knows how to do their make up never really encouraged me to learn how to do my own make up, simply because I have them naman hahaha. I usually just go out with sunblock, lip balm or lipstick, a little cheek tint, and super occasionally, I put eyeliner. But as Kylie released her cosmetics, I don't really know why I just waited for every restock and collected pretty much all the shades that she first released. I'm not a fan, but I can say that I'm in the process of becoming a fangirl again, like how I did with Sarah Geronimo when I was in grade school. 

To cut everything short, I finally completed the first colors of Kylie lipkits and I decided to shoot and show you guys how the different shades could change your whole aura! (Although I wasn't so serious the whole shoot)

Here are all the colors that I have! 
Koko K

Dolce K! My fave!

Candy K

Posie K

Mary Jo K

Kourt K

True Brown K

My personal fave is the Dolce K, it looked a little dark in the photo but I like the natural look it brings when I wear it. The Koko K and Candy K are the pink version of Dolce K which makes me feel the Barbie vibes when I wear them, their shades are not so different on me though, but when my sister who is as white as a snow tried it, I saw that it really has a difference. The Posie K proved to me that pink is not always ugly in me. The 22 is orangy and I love how I feel so 70s everytime that I wear it, while the Mary Jo K is the perfect shade of red that would make your fierce looks on fleek! And Lastly, The Kourt K and the True Brown are both nice and bold but I honestly think its messy to put on cause it dries up faster than the other shades which means there are no room for mistakes and which also means they are not for me because I don't really know how not to mess up! HAHAHA! 

And as for the feels of the lipkits being matte, I would say that it doesn't really feel that weird, compared to those colourpops that I got in a bazaar that almost got my lips bleeding after multiple attempts to try to take it off!!! But I would say that in making this review, my lips also hurt a lot after,  since I had to apply and take it off a couple of times!

Besides everything, I really love the lipkits and I bet you would also love them!!! And if you're having a hard time ordering in Kylie's website, there are so much instagram shops selling them (but beware of fake lipkits okay?)
There are three shops that are selling Authentic Kylie Cosmetics that I could recommend:  @prettylei22 , @beautynetworkph , and @allthingsbeautifulbynina

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  1. I have seen alot of Kylie's lippies from the store to internet and i want to have one so that i can add it to my collection and try the different variations and try the same feels like yours Maria Theresa :-)