The thing about S L E E P O V E R S

July 27, 2016

In our family, we have this house rule that we could host sleepovers as much as we want, but going to other sleepovers is a no no. There were times that I could go to some sleepovers but would not be able to spend the night there, my parents would be willing to pick me up at midnight and bring me back early in the morning the next day. It actually makes me so jealous and mad because there are still alot of fun that I would miss. But now that I'm all grown up, I get to see why my family had that house rule and realized how much effort my parents have everytime that they would stay up late just to ensure that we still have fun eventhough we would not be spending the night in that sleepover. 

We may not like everything that is given to us especially by those who are older than us, but sooner  or later we would realize how much we really needed all the restrictions in our lives! 
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  1. i can never agree more :)

  2. hahaha! same here girl! we have the same dilemma when i was at your age :-) but just like what they have said parents are always right and whatever happens we must respect them because it is for our own good :-)