First Post: N U D E

June 28, 2016

Its been years now that I've been wanting to spare some time to learn to twitch things to make a site but I've been always discouraged by seeing so much good and pretty bloggers from the Philippines. But after so much years of being a reader of different blogs, there is always something distinct and unique in bloggers all around the world that makes them stand out and have readers that would spare time reading their posts, this is having the confidence to inspire and share their thoughts. Despite me seeing myself as someone awkward, here I am taking the leap, trying to have the confidenca and finally blogging! 
After so much codes, domain, template, theme and so many more problem, I decided to keep everything simple and A W K W A R D! 

I've got nothing much in store for summer so far that I've been gaining so much weight, but thanks to the cullotte jeans that I got from Shop Copper for not making me look so fat (and for somehow helping me forget about my weight gain since the cullotte still fits me)! I actually also  have it in white and I 'm so excited to wear it and show it to you guys! 
And by the way, I got my top from this cute cafe/shop in España, named Smynoshery , it is worth visiting for its wide variety of online shop choices that sells cheap stuffs worth buying and its scrumptious meals and dessert. 
Lastly, my Nike Janoski sponsored by my boyfriend! Hahaha! He actually gave that to me two or three years ago, when we were just starting to be together and matchy matchy stuffs were still trendy. 

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