Dressing up my phone

June 29, 2016

Ever since the blackberry days when cute cases were all over malls, I really just can't stop myself from dressing up my gadgets.I usually change my phone case and match it with my outfit (actually changing it almost everyday), but lately I've sticked with two cases that really is serving me well these days. 
The cute pink ombre case that I got from Paragon Pieces gives color to my dark outfits, and to fight the brightness of my light outfits, I have been using the Penguin case which I got from the Brands Avenue in Instagram.

Some people say that paragon cases are quite pricey, but I think their cases are worth the price though! Their site just gives me good vibes, for they have chic and at the same time classy designs. Transactions with them are always smooth and the cases I bought from them serves me well for so long! 

On the other hand, Brands Avenue is an online shop which sells authentic branded items that are made affordable for us here in the Philippines. The owner is a flight attendant and he buys everything himself in different malls outside our country. I don't actually know how smooth the transaction is with them in placing orders online, since I've been ordering stuff from them and getting it in their physical store here in Pampanga. But I'm pretty sure the owner is generous and he gives extra discounts! 

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